Saving-Sharing/ESCO Model

By now, each one of you must have understood the steady economic sense that conversion to Neev’s products can make. However, not each one of you may have budgeted for investing in this transformation, conversion, or immediate shift. Hence, Neev has formulated a solution for you.
If your credentials match our value, and your business philosophy is in sync with our ethics, then we may do business on a trust bond. We customize products as per your needs, install them at your facility, and ensure best possible savings on your power consumption and maintenance costs. When you start saving, we expect you to start sharing those savings to meet our product costs. It cannot get simpler than that. Large retail chains, quick service restaurants, municipalities and several large industrial establishments are exploring this model with Neev.
During the course of the project, we provide on-site maintenance using our extensive service network. We are backed up by a financing institution and are one of the few manufacturers in the country who has successfully implemented a large scale saving sharing pan India.